CTG Klean
CTG Klean | Filters | Cuno Patent Filtration
CUNO patented technology. This unique system consists in a pack including CUNO cartridges. Fluid is isolated from the housing. Ease of use. Labour cost reduction. No cross contamination. Environment/Worker protection.
CMP slurries
Power Generation
Contaminated water, Radioactive effluents
Toxic/hazardous products, Solvents, Oils, Acids, caustic solutions
Paints & Coatings
Industrial or car paints (Solvent, waterborne), Resins, varnish, solvents, Inks, adhesives, Can & coil coating, Magnetic media
General Industrial
Agrochemicals, Dispersions, Pigments
Fine Chemicals & Cosmetics
General clarification, Catalyst recovery
Food & Beverage
Artificial flavours, Colouring, Food where you wish to avoid cross contamination