High Capacity
High Capacity Filters | Filtration Products | Sagisa 700 Series Cartridges
700 Series Cartridges
All meltblown polypropylene microfibre filter media except PERP-740 KF range which is polyester microfibre filter media. Ratings are nominal: 740B, 740B30 and 740 KF Series from 1 to 70 µm. ERP-740KF Series availbale in 20 & 60 µm.
Magnetic media, Organic solvents, Photo chemicals, Plating solutions, RO membranes
Water Treatment
Acids, Bases, Glycol, Desalination
Oil & Gas
Amines, Completion fluids, Deep wells, Glycol
General Industrial
DI resins, Ground water clean-up, Machine coolants, Waste water, Workover fluids, Municipal Water
Biomass, Precipitate removal
Fine Chemicals & Cosmetics
Activated carbon, Solids removal
Bulk solids, Precipitate removal
Food & Beverage
General Food Applications