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Water Purification
Drinking Water Systems | Residential Water Purification | Water Management
Drinking Water Systems
Systems to treat tap water for drinking including chlorine taste and odour reduction and scale inhibition.
Under sink
Scalegard® Pro Tastemaster Plus Aqua Pure Easy range
Caravan & Marine
US-E1 Chlorine taste and odour reduction US-E2 Microbial reduction
Water Management | Sagisa Filtration | Water Purification
Whole House Filtration
Systems to treat all the water coming into the house or vehicle/vessel for chlorine taste and odour sediment and optional scale inhibition.
Point of Entry
Aqua Pure drop in - 9.75'' Aqua Pure Jumbo drop in
Caravan & Marine
WV-B3-S Microbial reduction and scale inhibition
Water Purification | Sagisa Filters | Media Softeners
Small commercial / residential systems for softening water by ion exchange.
Point of Entry
CWS075ME CWS100ME CWS150ME (Middle East only)
Water Purification | Reverse Osmosis Filtration | Sagisa
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis units to fit under your sink.
Under sink
SQC3, SQC4 SQC Pro 40, SQC Pro80