Depth Media Softeners
Water Purification
Depth Media Softeners | Water Purification | Purification Systems
Depth Media Softeners
A full range of depth media used in various industrial applications, including as pre-treatment systems to reverse osmosis.

All systems are available separately, or in combination to achieve the desired results.

Controls can be manual to full PLC automation. Materials of construction range from GRP, coated mild steel to stainless steel.
Depth Media Softeners | Industrial Filtration | Water Purification
Depth Media Softeners
Sand and Multi-Media: Standard industrial water filtration systems for removal of suspended solids and turbidity. Filter media can be combined to your specific requirements.

Activated Carbon: Removes unpleasant tastes and odours, chlorine, and organic contaminants.

Water Softeners: Removes Calcium and Magnesium scale forming minerals from water.