High Temperature Gas Filtration
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High Temperature Gas Filtration
The need to maintain the cleanliness of gaseous process streams is vital. In power generation, oil refining, catalyst recovery or off gas vent emission control, metal filters combine high efficiency protection with rugged construction.
These elements withstand lengthy campaign duties and fluctuations in contaminant challenge and temperature.

Porvair Filtration Group's Sinterflo® metal filter elements and associated systems provide optimal performance with the lowest cost of ownership in high temperature gas filtration.

Available in stainless steel, Hastelloy®, FeCrAlloy® and other exotic materials to meet process requirements, in sintered fibre, powder or mesh, our filters offer superior performance compared to ceramic or alternative metallic structure elements.

Our filter elements and systems are successfully applied in applications where the use of reliable, high efficiency and low back-pressure filtration systems is key to the successful operation of the plant,
including :
  • Fluid catalytic cracking processes (FCC)
  • Catalyst recovery
  • Gasification processes e.g. IGCC of coal, petcoke, biomass/waste
  • Incineration processes e.g. PFBC of coal, clinical waste, pyrolosis
  • Off gas from calciners, fluid bed dryers and nuclear processes
  • Metal smelting and foundry processes
  • Glass furnaces
  • Mineral processes