Sinterflo Metal Media
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Sinterflo® F sintered metal fibre
Manufactured from random laid metal fibres, sinter bonded to form a uniform high porosity filter medium, Sinterflo® F demonstrates a significantly low pressure drop, high permeability and excellent dirt holding capacity. Cleanable by either chemical or pulsed jet, Sinterflo® F offers long life and minimal maintenance costs.
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Sinterflo® P sintered metal powder
A robust filter material manufactured from sinter bonded metal powders, Sinterflo® P offers depth filtration and a high resistance to corrosion. It's self-supporting construction eliminates the need for additional hardware, producing an efficient, cost-effective filter.
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Sinterflo® M sintered metal mesh
A sintered woven metal mesh providing very high strength, good permeability filter medium with a tightly controlled pore size. Available in single or multilayer laminated structures and various alloys, Sinterflo® M can be pleated to reduce envelope size.