Filter Equipment and Machines
Process Equipment
Water Filtration | Purification Solution | Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters
Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters
  • Dosing tank for the preparation of the filtering panel (d.e. and liquid)
  • Vacuum pressured
  • Height of the blade and rotation speed of the drum are both adjustable
  • Fruit juice
  • Wine lees
  • Industrial water
  • All liquids containing a high quantity of solids
Process Equipment | Automatic Micro Filtration Plants | Sagisa
Automatic Micro-filtration plants
  • Plants designed for high productivity
  • Customizable layouts and designs are available
  • Fully-automatic or semi-automatic functioning
  • PLC interface via control panel
Stainless steel housings, complete with sight-glasses and gauges, inlet and outlet pipings, automatic valves.
Stainless steel frame.
Working phases
  • Microfiltration
  • Emptying of the housings with nitrogen
  • Washing with acid and rinsing
Microfiltration of beverages