Porvair Self-cleaning Filters
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Porvair Self-cleaning Filters
Porvair filter candles have been developed to provide optimal filtration performance combined with excellent flow pressure loss characteristics, in-situ cleanability, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Incorporating Porvair Sinterflo® metal filter media, candles can be configured as plain cylindrical or pleated elements in lengths up to 3m.

Pulsed jet reverse cleaning can be carried out in-situ without interrupting forward flow and our filters have integral venturis to optimise performance. Alternatively, reverse flow cleaned filters would typically utilise plain bore exit throats.

For additional strength, ease of maintenance and resistance to process upset conditions, Porvair elements can be welded together to form a triple element assembly - the "Triple Element Filter" (TEF). For added protection, all our filters can be fitted with a failsafe "fuse" that fits in the outlet throat of the primary filter to prevent particulate flow in the unlikely event of a filter failure.

Typical Applications
  • Fluid catalytic cracking processes (FCC)
  • Catalyst recovery
  • Gasification processes e.g. IGCC of coal, petcoke, biomass/waste
  • Incineration processes e.g. PFBC of coal, clinical waste, pyrolosis
  • Off gas from calciners, fluid bed dryers and nuclear processes
  • Metal smelting and foundry processes
  • Glass Furnaces
  • Mineral Processes