Self Cleaning Filters
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Sagisa SBFF3 Back-Flushing Filter
The automatic SBFF3 Sagisa back-flushing filter is a self-cleaning system for extracting particles from low viscosity fluids. Its robust construction and automatic back-flushing capability make a major contribution to operational reliability and reduce operating and maintenance costs

The slotted tube or SuperMesh filter elements with filtration rates from 25 to 3000 µm ensure highly effective filtration of contaminating particles from the process medium. Automatic cleaning starts as soon as the elements become contaminated.

The flow of filtrate is not interrupted during the back-flushing procedure.

A range of filters of different sizes allows flow rates of up to 10000 m³ per hour.
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Sagisa SCS Automatic Backwash Strainers
Sagisa SCS self-cleaning units are specifically designed to minimize fluid loss while backwashing, and are able to provide virtually uninterrupted flow, even during a cleaning cycle.
Two standard materials are used for construction :
  1. A carbon steel vessel with 304 stainless steel internals
  2. All-304 stainless steel construction
The straining element is made from stainless steel, and can be supplied in a variety of filtration ratings.

Specially designed units are available to suit individual specifications and applications.
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Sagisa SBTU1 Backflush Treatment Unit
The SBTU1 is a turnkey automatic filtration unit.

It provides long-term filtration producing reduced particle filtrate.

The unit consists of:
  1. Back-flushing filter for the main filtration
  2. Process twist sieve (PTS) to treat the back-flushed volume
  3. Buffer tank with components
  4. A Control
Typical Applications
Water-miscible cooling lubricants, oils or washing water which continuously filters solid particles, such as very fine magnetic and nonmagnetic metal particles, corundum, and sand particles etc
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Sagisa SBFH1 Back-Flushing High Pressure Filter
The Sagisa back-flushing high pressure filter is an easy-to-operate back-flushing filter for water-based fluids at operating pressures of up to 350 bar.

Three sizes are available and volumes of up to 800 l/min can be achieved.

The back-flushing is carried out manuall using switch levers.

Robust filter materials in stainless steel are available, such as slotted tube or multi-layered wire mesh.
Typical Applications
Protection of shield hydraulics in mining, rotary valve hydraulics of pumped storage hydrostations, paint filtration and the protection of high-pressure nozzles.