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High Capacity Filters & Coalescer Vessels
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High Capacity Filters & Coalescer Vessels
Velcon offers a full line of ASME Code Vessels, Sanitary Vessels, and Coalescers Vessels. Products include high flow rate vessels, liquid-liquid coalescers, and electropolished stainless steel filter vessels, and Section X Code Stamped FRP Vessels.

High Performance Filter
CF Series Standard Filter Vessels

HP Series High Purity
HF Series High Flow Rates
LC Series For Liquid-Liquid Coalescers
LG Series For Liquid-Gas Coalescers

HF Filtration Systems

Approximately 280 stringwound cartridges are required to hold the equivalent amount that eight HF660 DepthfloT pleated cartridges can hold.

Velcon has a line of high flow filter vessels and coalescer vessels. Because of the proprietary design of the HF Duraflo and HF DepthfloT filter cartridges, vessel sizes are smaller, fewer elements are required, and your cost savings are substantially increased. The HF Duraflo and HF DepthfloT filter cartridges achieve flow rates up to 300 gpm/1100 lpm in water. You will have up to 30 times fewer filters compared to standard filters, plus you will have the excellent dirt holding capacities and particle removal efficiencies of Velcon's pleated Duraflo and DepthfloT filter medias. The benefits to you are: lower initial costs, improved filtration, and decreased total cost.

Smaller Vessels = Capital Savings
Fewer Elements = Operating Savings

Our HF Series filter housings are designed for high flow rates which allows for:
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Lower Disposal Costs
  • Smaller Filter Housings
  • Fewer Elements Resulting in Faster Changeouts
  • Higher Efficiencies
  • Longer Filter Life