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High Performance Coalescers & Seperators
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High Performance Coalescers & Seperators
Velcon offers an array of liquid-liquid coalescers, liquid-gas coalescers, and separators for your application needs.

  • High Capacity Pleated Coalescers
  • "Optimized" for Specific Process Applications
  • Multi-stage Vessels
  • Proprietary Coalescing Medias: Polyester, Nylon 66, PPS (Polyphenaline sulfide)
  • Binderless Microfiberglass and Epoxy Binder Microfiberglass

  • All synthetic media, 0.3 µm and 0.1 µm Aerosol removal efficiency
  • Removes down to 0.003 ppm
  • LG640 is Velcon's best High Flow Rate, High Performance Coalescer
  • For Natural Gas, Sour Gas, and Fuel Gas
  • Protects turbines, compressors, steam generators, pipelines and sweetening/dewatering systems

SEPARATORS available in:
  • Teflon Coated Screen: cleanable, non-static
  • Synthetic: pleated or rolled, non-static
  • Pleated Paper: least expensive, not for horizontal